A Poem: ‘Now’

Now. I go to the zoo. Hold pages up to the glass, crayons in hand — That’s the elephant. Orange Sandals and I go out the door because I know where I’m going – school. Quick Breaths and I shuffle along the sidewalk, green cellphone clutched in hand, mum’s number rests in quick-dial and I … More A Poem: ‘Now’

Dreams and the Dinosaur Exhibit: my visit to the ROM

“What other major cities have you been to, Trin?” my friend asked. I remained spellbound at the entrance to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), its large angular windows reflecting light droplets of spring rain in time with the city’s cool breath. “Um, none.” I turned to him and grinned ruefully. “How about you?” I haven’t … More Dreams and the Dinosaur Exhibit: my visit to the ROM

Waiting in Vain

So where does climbing come into all of this? It’s funny that 1.) climbing was a major inspiration for my starting this blog, and 2.) I chose to start this when climbing is not in my life. In the Absence For the past six years, I have been rock climbing an average of 9 or 10 … More Waiting in Vain

Stepping Stones & Shells

Two courageous parents, one spontaneous decision and 10, 770 kilometres later, 6-year-old me found myself growing up in Fiji. I loved the move, the chance to reinvent everything. Truthfully, I find myself constantly falling in love with new environments. Playgrounds, campgrounds, the mountains, a tiny cafe I pass by, a Volkswagen van driving by on … More Stepping Stones & Shells