A Poem: ‘Now’


I go to the zoo.

Hold pages up to the glass, crayons in hand — That’s the elephant.

Orange Sandals and I go out the door because I know where I’m going – school.

Quick Breaths and I shuffle along the sidewalk, green cellphone clutched in hand, mum’s number rests in quick-dial and I arrive at 4:01pm – Jen’s house.

Blue Floral Skirt and I hop up onto the railing to catch a glance over vibrant heads at the next roller coaster car that just came in with four laughing girls, I notice their straightened hair and braided anklets and I smile and turn away because I know where I’m returning – home: to wake up to another day with only the glorious now contained between beautiful iron tracks.


Edge of Wood Bench and my sitting figure share a peaceful, intimate moment in the choking expanse overlooking the City

wind caressing our outline

When did Now become now? The whole world open now, cool dew and the tracks vaporize– where to

In a moment I realize, incredible, I’ve reached the end of Little Trin’s plans for my future

Not terror, just curiosity

Why didn’t she create an image for now on



Now: shortcoming or wisdom?




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