They All Come Back

Something that reminds me of the goodness of humanity is that when I lose things they all somehow come back to me. Someone, or the general world itself, always manages to return or take care of them.

It’s a small act that reminds me that we are not alone in this world. It’s one way that we can take care of one another.

I always feel so blessed when I recover something I’ve lost. I never deserve to find it again (losing it is always the result of my own carelessness) and when it is returned to me so easily I feel a sense of wonder and incredible luck.

Textbooks and binders always surface before the end of the year. Keys get turned in to the nearest shop or office. My wallet remains lying where it was expelled by my gaping jacket pocket, easily visible against the pavement. A stranger taps me from behind, handing me a $20 bill and pointing at my unzipped pack. Lost and found bins shelter many belongings, and kind searchers leave them in peace.

When, one day, our flat in Fiji was robbed, the burglar made a careful, neat slit in the screened window, just large enough to extract a laptop through. It is my theory that most people try to wreak as little destruction as possible in other’s lives, preferring to leave them in peace.


That burglar needed some money–ill will was not involved. In all of these cases, people and the universe operated with a pure lack of malevolence. It’s like a gentle act of forgiveness, to leave a life in peace.

And I’m so grateful. Thank you to the universe, and its members, for these moments of grace and relief within a world of chaos.

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