Treat yourself: Rainy Day Toasted Almonds


It’s one of those rainy, crisp spring days – and you only have two choices.

1.) Sing & dance in the rain


2.) Cuddle up with some warmth: blankets, fuzzy socks, & comfort food


Although I often choose the first, I chose the second option this evening and was not disappointed! Chilled and in search of a healthy snack, I found a bag of ‘raw’ (unroasted/unsalted) almonds in the cupboard at home and was inspired by the weather to try toasting them in my oven for an added cozy flair.


I spread a handful out on a baking pan and set the temperature to 350°C. In my oven, known for its mischievously unpredictable nature, it took about 7 minutes for them to come to a perfect, gentle roast. It’s a good sign once a subtle, delicious almond aroma begins to fill the air.

This simple, quick snack was a lovely way to treat myself. Almonds are even more delicious when gently roasted and fresh out of the over. An easy way to spread warmth and joy on a chilly day!

You can experiment with roasting the almonds with honey, spices or salt to your taste! I had mine plain, how I prefer them, and enjoyed the simple, rich flavour by itself.

Cheers and stay warm!


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