To All Depths

Follow me To All Depths, my journey to accept each emotion that makes me a full being. Look out for bi-weekly developments, each grazing a depth of the human experience.

What makes some emotions acceptable–allowed to drift with us through the day, analogous or parallel (hence unthreatening) to our identity, while others are rejected with an assured, knee-jerk intensity?

A Collection on Insecurity.


A Bowl for My Tearsa poem by moi

I need a bowl for my tears
Fill it up for you
To drink
Drink. Consecrate my importance
Then your mouth will be full rich salty dense as mine is.
Your eyes should offer me something now.
Fill a bowl with your tears
Let them mingle gently as they drop, casting ripples out across mine
Understand me. (Show me you can breathe water)

Breathe Me–Excerpt from “Breathe Me” by Sia

Be my friend
Hold me

Wrap me up
Unfold me
I am small and needy

Warm me up
And breathe me

WeightlessExcerpt from “Weightless” by City and Colour

Come close,
Lay next to me
I need to tell you something important

So stay close,
Remain next to me
I need to feel important

Holding all the weight in my life
Then you turn and you walk away from me

Many moments are tinged by insecurity. We can’t always feel safe.

Pretend you are a chair.

Suddenly, one of your legs is kicked out from under so abruptly you don’t even notice; you only notice that everything is terribly, terribly slanted.


I would love to welcome any guest bloggers or ideas–please comment or contact me! Look out for this series, marked with the HermitCrab hexagon.


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