The Luddist’s Weapon


The Luddist fights bright screens with a vertical dance.

The Luddist discovers a Brave New World of technicolor rocks spread across a wall like fresh butter on rye. Silently, he marks his pilgrimage with chalkprints of calcium carbonate and fresh shoe rubber.

Ascending the sharp cookie-cutter column, the Luddist approaches heaven, and glances down to see acre upon acre of dark green forest spread out around him.

The Luddist unscrews from the wall a gaudy orange rock shaped as an ice-cream cone, grimly removes the bolt, and smashes it down hard—

The Luddist’s hands tilt the ice-cream cone to a gentle angle, in line with trees. Then he climbs silently on, high above the grey whirr of the city.


Read more lyrical adventures in rock climbing.

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