Hot day how-to: Fruity Iced Cubes

It’s one of those days when the sweltering heat effectively has you melting into a puddle of lethargy.

Here’s something to entice you back into a solid & psyched state:

This is a great way to use up the last few fresh/frozen berries and any fruit juices kicking around your fridge. For my cubes I used:

  • fresh blueberries & strawberries
  • frozen cherries
  • iced tea mix

For the liquid base of the cubes I used iced tea mix to add a fun, summery zing. Any fruit juices or juice boxes would work wonders as well. The fruits require little to no preparation- I sliced the strawberries to fit nicely into the cubbies.


It took a while for the cubes to freeze, so you have to employ a bit of patience, or perhaps make them preemptively the evening before a daunting forecast.

Once frozen, enjoy the cubes:

  • in a glass of iced tea
  • in a glass of orange juice
  • as individual flavour-bombs
  • as fun additions to party punch

PRO TIPSI found the iced tea – strawberry cube combo to be the most complimentary. Also, if you let several cubes melt down into a glass the resulting concoction is superb.



Enjoy! More recipes for a life of simplicity: HermitCrab Lifestyle. (blog, Facebook)


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