Gee, if I must, General Mills…

You Had Me at ‘Fitness’

After a long day, I wasn’t so sure I wanted to choke down a healthy Original Recovery Drink. But the long list of selling points generously provided by General Mills gave me that last push of motivation I needed to take my recovery seriously. Because, eating a box of Cheerios alone on the couch for dinner, I really needed more convincing to down a large glass of chocolate milk.

For recovery, of course.

It’s genius advertising. Maximize recovery…ohh yeah, I could use me some o’ that–crunch. Enhance performance…ohhh yeah, definately need me some o’ that–crunch crunch. 

Electrolytes. Vital carbohydrates. High-quality proteins. Trainers and serious athletes undestand.

They’re not selling chocolate milk to serious athletes. The serious athletes are already downing a jug of “The Original Recovery Drink,” and then some. That list of informative tidbits is for us good citizens on our rest days–if it’s good for serious athletes, it’s gotta be good for us.


You Had Me at ‘Chocolate Milk.’

So, thank you, General Mills. You really needn’t have gone to all that trouble.


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