First World Marinara Burp

Today, I experienced a genuine moment wondering ‘Huh, why we haven’t already gotten rid of all animals that can potentially hurt us humans?’

Sharks lurking in the water? What the heck, that’s bad for the tourism industry. Bears in the forests, and snakes in the forest, both capable of killing me easily. Huh, I’m surprised the government taken care of them. Why are they there? I mean, they have no place in my world. I mean, honestly.

I spent a couple minutes perplexedly searching my mind for a reason that I knew must exist to have stopped us from getting rid of these animals. I came up with the whole ‘interdependent ecosystem’ argument. Spiders around to eat mosquitos.

I was flabbergasted. Marinated in this continent, or in myself, I’ve gotten to the point where I actually think human interests are the only meaningful thing in this world. Even as I write this now, I still kind of believe it. I’m a fat, flabbergasted kid sitting on a foam couch, thinking that animals are only around cuz they’re fun & intriguing to kids.



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