3 Things You Must Do Immediately After Being Injured on the Field

1. Stop. Whatever you are doing.

It is all too easy to keep going right after an injury. You may think you’ll run it off, or you might not want to make a scene in front of your buddies. Stop. Whether you’re alone, or with your buddies. Often the full pain will not hit until about 5 minutes after the injury.


2. Act for the future.

Always think of your involvement in the future. With every action, you should keep your long-term ability to participate in your sport in mind. As much as you are dying to keep going, or from the frustration of a looming setback, sacrifice the moment to invest in a future with your sport.

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3. Don’t be afraid to express pain.

Athletes are notorious for having high pain tolerance. With injuries, this becomes counter-productive. Being able to show that you are in pain will keep you accountable to rest and assess your situation. It will also allow others to diagnose you, and help doctors boost your healing.

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When you feel that sickening crack and the ensuing moment of dread, remember:

  1. Stop.
  2. Act for the future.
  3. Express your pain.



Good luck & happy healing!

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