6 Outings for Summer Self-Empowerment

WARNING: These activities are to be undertaken alone: by you, for you.

Nothing exudes sexiness & confidence like a couple secret adventures under your belt. Start the summer with these 6 activities that will get you out and basking in your time alone. Then rock that confidence at the office, on the beach and during your nights out!

1.) Park Bench with a View

Go for a walk to a bench with a beautiful view–take your time and allow your thoughts to wander as they like.


2.) Fancy Shmancy Orchestra-Marinated Dinner

Pick up the ingredients for that recipe you’ve been wanting to try. Put an orchestral suite on the speakers and blast it loudly. Laugh to yourself. Spend an evening cooking and enjoying a gourmet meal–no rush or judgement, much class & taste. Try my stir-fry advice, in a positive light.


3.) Henna

Buy a tube of henna from your local hippie stores or Indian market–it’s surprisingly inexpensive by the tube! Search some designs online and give them a try. Hands and feet are easiest to do on yourself. Watch a show or read a book–takes ∼1 hour to dry, lasts a couple weeks!


4.) Fruity Ice Cubes

Chillingly easy. See my quick how-to for fruity iced cubes with a zingy twist…


5.) Summer Street Car

Pick a gorgeous day and treat yourself to a charming excursion. Most trolley routes will take you downtown, a local park or the City Hall or legislative grounds. Pack a picnic for yourself or visit some local coffee shops & boutiques.


6.) Sidewalk Art for the Brave

Remember, this is all about you. Whip out that sidewalk chalk, plant yourself proudly, and do some doodles. Suggestions for gaining empowerment while maintaining your cool rep include creating a hopscotch “for the kids on the block,” writing a nice greeting message or, if you’re artsy, creating a real masterpiece.


This summer, enjoy your moments alone and rediscover the qualities that make you great to be around. Greet the heat with some of your own!

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