Crinkly Eyes and His Friend, The Watering Can

I still think of you, now and then. Sometimes I’ll flip open my phone and miss finding a message from you. The other day I was thinking about what a delight receiving letters in the mail would be, and wouldn’t it be nice if I sent a friend one? The first person that popped into my head was you. Friend.

We were friends through your eyes that folded over with adoration, and through mine, as they gushed their guileless cascade. I’ve moved on now–wonder to say it!–but I still miss the friend you were to me. I think I’ll always want to just send you a postcard or leave you a sticky note. Cuz that’s something we never just did, you see.

I was your friend, we smiled and wept, as you were mine.

Flowers, Garden, Still Life, Gardening, Watering Can

I like the idea of flowers growing out of everything!

Xo, The Watering Can.

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