What you see lurking in the depths of a waffle iron, señors, was the best Friday night feast I’ve had in a long time…It was a gooo-hoo-hood idea.

Waffle-Grilled Steak Sandwich


  • French bread
  • Steak, medium rare
  • Assorted cheese: Aged white cheddar works wonders, cheddar & parmesan work well
  • Waffle Iron (not to be eaten)
  • Vegetables, lightly stir-fried or baked
The Simmer Before the Melt

Excuse my poor picture documentation, ladies & gents, because I was far too caught up in the moment. I got my inspiration from the tantalizing fresh mushrooms, bell peppers, and steak in my refrigerator. I wanted to prepare a healthy dinner that held within it the deliciosity of comfort food. Ta dah!

I did my research. I wanted to find a way to grill the sandwiches without a press or any fancy appliances. The idea of the waffle iron flitted across my humble consciousness. In frenzied anticipation, I googled if such a feat had been successfully accomplished in the past. Well done, human race, it was a go!

Thanks to Amy Johnson’s article on Grilled Cheese with gouda, roasted mushrooms and onions, I hoped for a similar miracle.


Every good meal is marinated in a wicked soundtrack. This one rocked the voice of Stuart McLean, a Canadian radio broadcaster, storyteller, and comedian (the quality kind), in his recount of a middle-aged man named Dave’s unpropitious visit to the dentist.


1.) Steak: pre-done, medium rare

2.) Cheese: grated, medium thickness

3.) Vegetables: Sprinkle across baking sheet with a tablespoon of olive oil and some salt & pepper, bake for 10-20 mins @ 400 F. OR Lightly stir-fry in a tablespoon of canola oil.

4.) Constructing the Sandwich: Butter outsides of bread slices. Put down a layer of cheese, then your meat & veggies, then another layer of cheese at the top. Place into waffle iron and press sandwich down.

5.) IS IT READY YET!?! Once the cheese melts, you’re golden! The waffle iron will melt the cheese and warm your other ingredients perfectly, the steak and the veggies.


Trust me, the photos do no justice. By the way, the one above is of putting it in lengthwise, trust me, it’s much heftier than that!

And yes, it does leave a waffle pattern on the top!

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