Friday Night Feasts: TAKE-OUT SUSHI 

Much like the prep time of this Friday Night Feast, this post is damn fast.

Work to reward ratio: beyond the comprehension of mathematicians.

There is something about take-out or leftover sushi that’s even better than the restaurant experience. Something about it sitting in the car for a bit or the fridge overnight that seems to improve both the flavour and the experience.

Because nothing is better than cracking out some nice pre-made sushi or maki and treating yourself to a savoury, colourful lunch.

First we got reeled in by the maki boat at a new Japanese restaurant in town.

Second, the boat proving too ambitious for two, I served up the remaining morsels for lunch with a friend the next day.

But you’ve gotta do it nicely. It’s all in the experience. Make a little soy sauce/ wasabi dipping bowl, brew a cup of green tea, and grab a pair of chopsticks. 3 minutes prep for highly escalted results.

Meal soundtrack (because every good meal is marinated in good music): Scintillating conversation or “Ce matin-là” by Air



Look out for more Friday Night Feasts, Fridays 😉

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