A Train Ticket at 12 Degrees

Through the long, cool fingers of the wind, I passed a crisp train ticket. The winds were changing, dancing across my undone jacket and up my sleeves. A hint of pine, an exhibit of possibilities, and a cluster of dampened leaves, and an exhibit of possibilities hit my nose. A brick street at dusk, lit … More A Train Ticket at 12 Degrees

Going Gluten-Free (and praying I don’t feel better for it)

Oh, god, just look at it…The fresh crispy exterior, the crunch of a freshly grilled sandwich, the smell of buttery croissants… Have you ever tried gluten-free bread? It’s sweet. Sickly sweet, strangely dense and horrifically tasteless. It turns into a silty mush the second it hits your tongue. Have you ever tried to fold a … More Going Gluten-Free (and praying I don’t feel better for it)

An Unsanctioned Coalition: Ankle Diagnosis

Alternate Title: Why my physiotherapist couldn’t get that bone mobilized. It’s funny that after 5 years of constant therapy involving 4 doctors, 12 sprains, 4 Xrays and 2 MRIs, somebody has finally found something that can be deemed “wrong” in my right ankle! Despite all the history my right ankle and I have together, we’ve never … More An Unsanctioned Coalition: Ankle Diagnosis