Friday Night Feasts: Fresh Ginger Peanut Ricebowl

Fresh Ginger Ricebowl




  • fresh ginger finger
  • peanut butter!
  • fresh veggies (broccoli, carrots & beans recommended)
  • medium onion


  • pinch of fresh green onion
  • sesame or chia seeds
  • fresh jalapeno (de-seeded)
  • soy sauce or balsamic vinaigrette for the peanut sauce

MEAT/PROTEIN: tofu or chicken



Every good meal is marinated in a wicked soundtrack. This fry featured the Beatles’ album “Revolver,” my first vinyl record. What a song to kick back to. My favourite lately is ‘Love You To.’



Pan-fried. Warmed a tablespoon of canola oil in the pan, added my aromatics (diced ginger, onion). Big veggies in first, smaller veggies in last. Stir fry!


Free-styled this one. A generous scoop of natural peanut butter (my staple food, ordered by the vat), a splash of balsamic vinaigrette and soy sauce, and a dab of “stir fry sauce” to thicken. Add water for consistency, but don’t overdo. I added chia seeds, which soak up the flavour and provide a delectable crunch. Sesame seeds are classic, too. I stirredĀ even more diced ginger into my sauce.


I used some classic sushi rice as a great sticky bed for my veggies. All I used was a pot and some water to prepare, following the steps on the back of the bag! Put the rice on as you prepare.


Take peanut sauce, pour over tofu cubes (and mushrooms, if desired!) Make sure your sauce isn’t too thick for this! The longer they sit in the sauce, the more flavour they’ll absorb. Overnight wouldn’t be remiss, if you have the predisposition. Fry separately or add CHICKEN later in veggie-frying process.

PRO-TIPS: As a charming garnish, sprinkle freshly cut green onion over your rice bowl. Make a little extra peanut sauce to pour over it all…



…the rice is hiding underneath…Enjoy a fresh ginger zing this Friday!

#Crunchy peanut butter is the best.

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