Who Can it Be Now? (Breaking 101)

Who Can it Be Now.png

My humble online journey has now gained 101 followers.

That’s really quite something to celebrate — what I really want, after all,  is to venture down new dirt roads only to meet people along the way.

I really am in an in-between stage of my life, as evidenced by my wild half-grown-out hair, my half-moved-into basement suite, and my half-commitment to the blogging universe. I haven’t quite made the move into my new room. Stuff lies strewn across a dog-gnawed couch which I’m planning to replace, my walls are pitifully bare, and the room has a very temporary atmosphere that does not yet sing ‘home’.

I can’t decide whether to grow my hair long or keep it short. I’m still on the brink of speaking to my manager about the climbing culture blog I’d like to start at my workplace. I can’t quite pick the perfect spot to hang my wall tapestry. I’m about to start university, and after a summer of full-time work, I just know the 9-5 is not what I need as my life right now. I’m not sure I’ve hung out with a friend all summer or made it out of the house to any parks or festivals.

So. Me. Who can it be now?


If you haven’t listened to the Men at Work song, ‘Who Can it Be Now,’ I must insist you do. Keep that in your head as you picture me stringing teal yarn through my ceiling and hanging various pieces of art & work that are all haphazardly “me” from impermanent elastics and paper clips.

The point is, I’ve decided to embrace this kind of hypnotizing in-between stage, if not out of a wry sense of humour. I’m not sure I even like most of the things in my room or the way they’re set up, which sets off a bit of OCD. It doesn’t feel quite right. However, I’m just going to keep the faith that I will soon meet new people who I can bring over, and they’ll soon add to the space.

The new look…

In honour of the 101 of you who have momentarily collided with me in this strange, drifting dandelion seed land, I’ve updated my About page so you can get to know me more. Let’s be real — I just thought we could all use a bit of change! So I’m adding something new. Please give my new page a read, and see what you think…


I’m also updating my profile picture. The old one didn’t seem to fit anymore…Don’t worry, you’ll still see me out there and dropping by…just in a new outfit.



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