You Will Read On: a Secret Message Challenge


I think the absolute most exciting thing would be to find a secret message, and I’m a strong believer in adding what you want to see to the world. Mystery is something I think we could use more of. It often gets mistaken for confidence, which is partially true. A harmless act of mystery is an act of confidence in the world as a whole, and everyone in it–including you. An act of giving, smiling to yourself, and needing nothing more.

So if you read this and feel the tug of mystery and delight, hide a secret message somewhere. Here is one I wrote in a time of need–it’s hidden in my home town. If it speaks to you, please help spread it around the world. Print and hide! No rules or obligations–just keep the intent of mystery and kindness in mind, and feel free to add a link to my blog if you wish future finders to see this message. Or create a note of your own! I can’t imagine the joy it would be to find a copy during my world travels. Maybe I’ll find yours…

You Will Read On.PNG



Drop a line below, telling us the town where yours is hidden!

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