A Train Ticket at 12 Degrees

Through the long, cool fingers of the wind, I passed a crisp train ticket. The winds were changing, dancing across my undone jacket and up my sleeves. A hint of pine, an exhibit of possibilities, and a cluster of dampened leaves, and an exhibit of possibilities hit my nose. A brick street at dusk, lit with Christmas lights.

I pressed the ticket, with 85 minutes of use still left in it, to the hard face of the kiosk for some passerby to use.

A woman approached from ahead, headed for the machine. “You should take my ticket,” I said. I kept walking. From behind, I can see her pick up the ticket. The station gates bang behind me and the air is crisp and awake inside my lungs.

What are some of your favourite moments of fall? I’d love to hear.

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2 thoughts on “A Train Ticket at 12 Degrees

  1. For me it’s the crunch of the leaves underfoot on a hiking trail. More specifically hiking into climb in the Red River Gorge. The woods transform into these open spaces as the brush dies away and you can see the walls sooner as you approach. It’s quite brilliant.

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