Dare Me: What do you wish a total stranger would say to you?

Do you ever find yourself lonely or simply restless, wishing a random stranger would approach you and strike up a conversation?
Usually people are a lot more open to conversation than they appear. And there may be more than one of us hopeful dreamers in one room, just waiting for their moment. Imagine if we could bring those hopefuls together…

New to the  university campus this week, I have plenty of opportunity to make new acquaintances…So try me.

How do you wish a total stranger would start a conversation with you? What would they say? Ideal setting?

Dare me in the comments! I may just make a stranger’s day, making your dream scenario a reality!

8 thoughts on “Dare Me: What do you wish a total stranger would say to you?

    1. How intriguing…I like it. You know how when somebody’s captivated in thought it can draw you in, too? I can just imagine watching someone with that certain aura and starting a conversation. I’m sure it would be a fun one.

      Cheers & thanks for sharing!

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  1. This is such a good question! I like when a conversation starts because of a book. I once had a great conversation on the subway because I was reading Prep, by Curtis Sittenfeld. So maybe the next time you see someone reading a book you love, you should just jump right into a conversation (but no spoilers, of course!). Good luck!

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