You Will Read On- a secret message challenge


Wouldn’t it be the absolute most exciting thing to find a secret message, hidden somewhere?

Help spread the mystery around the gl0be!

Mystery is something I think we could use more of. If you read this and feel the tug of mystery and delight, hide a secret message somewhere…

Here is one I wrote in a time of need–it’s hidden in my home town. If it speaks to you, please help it find a home in all little corners of the world. Print and hide! No rules or obligations–just keep the intent of mystery and kindness in mind, and feel free to add a link to my blog if you wish future finders to see this message. I can’t imagine the joy it would be to find a copy during my world travels. Maybe I’ll find yours…

You Will Read On.PNG

4 thoughts on “You Will Read On- a secret message challenge

  1. LOVE a secret message! I hid a treasure map as a kid in the attic. The family that lives in the house I grew up in found it last year and mailed it to me (they searched for treasure, but didn’t find it). The real treasure was getting that map back 20 years later!

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