My Favourite Society6 Artists

Society6 is an online shop that sells and ships artwork from artists around the globe. What makes this site so exciting is the millions of pieces that can be purchased as the original art print or in over 30 textile forms, ranging from canvases to shirts to mugs to pillows to blankets to phone cases! Scroll down for more info on buying from Society6.

The Mischief Memoirs:


The Mischief Memoirs sells the artwork of themischievousanna. I can’t get over how clever this woman’s art is. Each piece of her hilariously, horrifically fabulous art is paired with a poem that “sing[s] and danc[es] in tune with [her] art and photography.”1 

Favourite piece: “The Thinking Infection” (framed print seen above)

“Deep in question,

The answers always stray

But taking only fragments,

To go deep in thought

They never go away.”

(accompanying poem at Society6)

Artist’s WordPress blog:

Shop on threadless:

Eugenia Loli

Eugenia Loli‘s Society6 shop features an enthralling range of pop-surrealist collages, which juxtapose your vintage 60s housewife with modern psychedelic imagery. “Her collages, with the help of the title, often include a teasing, visual narrative”2  that often doubles as a clever social commentary.

Favourite piece: “No More Galaxies for Today, Timmy!” (seen below)


Artist’s portfolio:

Artist’s bio:

Maethawee Chiraphong:

Maethawee Chiraphong has the most fabulously intricate and chaotic pieces. Each piece plunges you into a detailed and emotionally-charged world of fun and frenzy. Maethawee Chiraphong brings intense vibrancy and vitality to his pop-surrealist sketches.

Favourite piece: “Sunflower green & Red sky” (seen as wall tapestry below)


Artist’s Tumblr portfolio:

Featured on Empty Kingdom:

Purchasing through Society6:


Artists get their own Society6 page, and their art can be found through various search categories! From what I can tell, the system is quite fair and allows artists to keep their own copyrights and make a profit off their work. If you’re looking to provide the most direct support to the artist, purchase an ART PRINT. Artists can set their retail price & profit for their art prints, while the profit margin is set for the other forms.


All images taken from the artists’ official Society6 pages. 

1 Themischievousanna. “About Mischief Memoirs.” The Mischief Memoirs. WordPress, 2016. Web. 29 Sept. 2016.

2 Loli, Eugenia. “About Eugenia Loli.” Eugenia’s Collage. Tumblr, n.d. Web. 29 Sept. 2016.


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