I’m so sick of it all. Here’s the bitter truth of it. I wake up in the morning, roll out of my single bed in the basement and touch my toes to the cold synthetic hardwood. I’ll put on whatever clothes I want to wear for the day, then maybe do some quick makeup. Then … More Seventeen

9 Wicked Songs I Discovered by Braving Human Interaction

We all have days where you feel like just lying at home in bed all day because venturing outside would be pointless and you know it wouldn’t really do any good. Some days are worse than others. The thought of talking to other people reminds you of the futility of the O2-CO2 gas exchange. But here … More 9 Wicked Songs I Discovered by Braving Human Interaction

If you want a trip

If you want a trip, step out onto the porch for a minute or maybe take an evening walk. If you’re ready, bite your lips and draw a deep hard breath of fresh autumn air. Keep walking. As you walk, the first thing you can notice is the magnificent crackling of the fall leaves under … More If you want a trip