Christmas Comes

There’s one certain thing– no matter what happens, Christmas comes. Whether it’s been a good year or a bad one, under either snow or sun, you can count on Christmas to arrive. I hope life has been treating you all well, and the holiday spirit has begun to sweep you off your feet.

I myself have been doing some redecorating. My university finals finished up last Friday and I’m now attempting to catch up my holiday spirit to the winter wonderland around me. School for elementary and high school students here goes until Christmas eve– maybe everything’s a little behind and out of sync right now.



I’ve got my own set of Christmas lights strung up down here, and I’ve made room for my new fainting couch I found at a fabulous renewed furniture outlet.



It’s strange my first semester of university has passed so quickly– it’s surreal. Strangely enough, although I’m still drifting and ungrounded in myself, I feel more tethered to the world around me than I have in a while– mostly due to new friendships and a semester of memories I’ve formed on campus. It’ll all come together, someday.

Yesterday I received my PRP treatment at the hospital for my torn wrist cartilage, so I’m typing this mostly one-handed. My surgeon warned me he may be giving me “Christmas pain,” and I am really starting to feel it– it’s supposed to be pretty painful for a couple days, then start to recover. You can expect an update on the procedure soon!


This is good timing for the treatment though– I get to recover on a well-deserved break! Nothing Christmas spirit can’t cheer.

We picked a tree and got out the Christmas boxes on Sunday, and now the whole house smells like pine. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wishes they could keep their decorations up all year. Looking at all the ornaments, it’s wonderful how my family’s amassed all those memories in the form of weird little bits and bobs.



I could tell you stories about all of them but I’m not going to….

I’ve got shopping to do and cards to write and old friends to reconnect with– it’s so nice to live in a city where I know so many loving people who I know would do anything to love and support me. That’s lucky. I’m also looking forward to future travels alone in lands far away– but having a home base makes it all the better.

Pine is everywhere! The season approaches…Christmas is coming.

Cheers to all of you and I hope the holidays bring you love and hope.


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