Bright Christmas


Christmas spread a bright, peaceful blanket all across the city. The bouncy snow and fluffy pines rang with joyful silence that seemed to wash all things heavy from the city. I hope everyone felt this blissful presence.

I’m finding it hard to write of Christmas because it seemed to arrive so abruptly. I was simply very happy to spend it with my family, and to take a brief walk outside with my dad to discover the spirit that enveloped the indoors and the out-of-doors. It was a hard Christmas for my mother, especially, not knowing whether my sister and I would be with her next Christmas, or if we will have moved out or travelled. I wonder what Christmas is like as an adult.

Rather than the palpable excitement of my childhood Christmases, this one was more of a peaceful contentedness. So blessed to spend this Christmas in my loving family home, it’s somehow become clear that I will indeed be somewhere else next year– perhaps I’ll be home for Christmas, but travel lies shortly ahead.

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