Walking with a friend, among the stars

It sometimes happens that when you take a walk under the stars, you can instead find yourself among them.

When I walk with you, I am reminded of all those obscure specks from the corners and coves of the globe which somehow unite to illuminate the earth from within. … More Walking with a friend, among the stars

Robot Revenge

I. I did not intend to take my revenge on the world as a robot. When my heart was breaking and all you had to offer was: “I’m a good world. Come on, you know that… I’m a good world” “Don’t you believe me?” With each 0 and 1, each dry tedium of equability The … More Robot Revenge

4 life upgrades in 2017!

Here are four additions I’m making to my lifestyle for a fulfilling 2017…body, spirit & mind! Most of these are a long time coming and I’m glad to put them into action this new year. 1.) More winter sports snowy walks skating & skiing! reconnecting with nature It’s been too long since I’ve enjoyed the winter through walks in … More 4 life upgrades in 2017!