4 life upgrades in 2017!

Here are four additions I’m making to my lifestyle for a fulfilling 2017…body, spirit & mind! Most of these are a long time coming and I’m glad to put them into action this new year.

1.) More winter sports

  • snowy walks
  • skating & skiing!
  • reconnecting with nature


It’s been too long since I’ve enjoyed the winter through walks in the snow, skating at my neighbourhood rink and skiing with friends. This holiday break I’ve tried all of the above and am thrilled to say that my ankle is finally able to take most of them. Being able to play outside has made a huge improvement to my mental health and I’m hoping I’ll start feeling more connected to nature again.

2.) Going vegan/nutritarian

  • 6 week vegan challenge
  • conscientious eating
  • reconnecting with my body and nature


I’ve realized lately that things have spun very out of whack with my eating and relationship to my body and the environment around me. I’ve always been curious about eating more consciously- environmentally, cruelty-free, and for personal health. Now that both my parents have adopted a vegan nutritarian lifestyle, to the vast benefit of their personal health, I’ve been inspired to do the same. I’m currently on my sixth day of Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live 6 week plan. I’ll write more on this later– what I’m hoping to gain from this experience is a better understanding of the diet that will fulfill and centre my being.

3.) Get a pet!

  • gain a companion
  • learn to love animals more

Meet George! My brand new half-moon betta fish (hor-hey when he’s feeling funky). It’s been over 7 years since I’ve had a pet. Unfortunately our current landlord won’t allow furry little friends in his house but a lovely someone at yesterday’s belated Secret Santa gathering got me George and his tank! I had hinted at my desire for a pet fish on my wish list, 70% in seriousness, and what a surprise it was to pull a live betta fish out of my gift bag!

**DISCLAIMER: To those of you fish experts and animal lovers, I have done my research and I now realize that a small 1 gallon bowl is no high life for a betta fish. I’m looking into a 5.5 gallon tank possibly with a heater/filter and I really hope George survives until then…If you have any care advice please let me know!

4.) Find a pen pal

  • magic of mail!
  • discover new cultures/interests
  • practice my french


I’ve always thought it would be so exciting to open up my mailbox and find a letter from a pen pal somewhere across the world. I’ve been on a site called PenPal World which is a great platform to find individuals looking for similar relationships! It’s focused solely on friendships, not flirting, and you can upload as anonymous or full a profile as you wish. People all around the world are interested in everything from emailing, snapchatting, practicing new languages and snail mailing! I’ve found a couple cool people so far and I hope to find a long-term pen pal I can exchange letters with and maybe even meet some day…

Cheers and I hope you’re all having a great start to the new year. Happy 2017!



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