Privilege and the Minimum Wage Job

To the girls in line behind me at the Starbucks on campus;

Thank you for laughing at me when I mistook it for a Second Cup and tried to order a ‘large’ tea with my gift card. I hope you enjoy all 590 calories of kindness in your venti vanilla bean chocolate frappuccino- you deserve it. 
I think what we forget sometimes here on campus is how privileged we are. We’re here taking classes and reading in huge libraries and some of us even have the money to treat ourselves to a warm, comfort meal or drink on campus. Have you thought of how privileged this is? Not everyone can afford this luxury.
Have you considered that maybe the lady behind the counter at Starbucks who showed me kindness despite my mistake could be the mother of one of your classmates, working an 8 hour shift to help launch her kid’s future? While she took the time to show me the tea list and the different sizes, did you think at all about how you’re on the road to joining the 1% of people in the world with a university degree?

Before I got my amazing job at the climbing centre, I spent the summer working at a healthy fast food joint- The Chopped Leaf. The store’s location was just opening and I had the incredible luck to be hired despite my lack of job experience. It was my first real job and I worked 5 hours a day all summer at minimum wage, doing everything from food prep to mopping to working the til. It was a pretty sweet summer job, but a minimum wage one nonetheless. This job taught me not to judge. I learnt how hard it is during the lunch rush when you’re caught behind the til with a customer breathing down your neck. I also learnt to have patience and empathize with the  busy customers who would come in completely flustered from a hectic day. There should be no judgement- we are all people and we all deserve respect. So try having some humility and responding with a little kindness- try making the other person feel better, rather than worse. You’ll find it’ll allow you to forgive yourself more too.
So before you start making your venti judgements, try getting yourself a job.
You know how I know you haven’t had one? 
Look around.

4 thoughts on “Privilege and the Minimum Wage Job

  1. I agree. I’m sorry you went through this experience. We definitely forget how privileged we are but it’s great that you appreciate things! Reading this post, I was reminded as well about how fortunate we are.

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    1. You know what, it really did make me mad! On a more empathetic note, we do all have moments where we get caught up and overlook the big picture- I know I do too. Us students will all get more out of our experience if we combine our skills with humility!

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

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