Robot Revenge



I did not intend to take my revenge on the world as a robot. When my heart was breaking and all you had to offer was:

“I’m a good world.

Come on, you know that…

I’m a good world”

“Don’t you believe me?”

With each 0 and 1, each dry tedium of equability

The planet you were on was soaring farther and farther away from mine until it was just a bare blue planet light-years away that was impossible to conceive of seeing without a telescope.

“Can I please have a second chance?”



Sometimes a revelation must be at someone else’s expense.

(some human being please challenge me on this)

Because I didn’t intend to take my revenge on the world by turning into a robot.

But when a kind of a second chance came around I learned from my experience with you, blue planet boy, and I guess part of what I learned was how to run numbers across my blank void vacuumous eyes and how to have elbows postured like metal and how to speak


without feeling.


Not all things that are horrible send the soul soaring through time and space

or suck the innocent into a black hole– though perhaps I am not innocent.

Indeed I say it’s possible for a robot to break someone’s heart and in an instant watch them get swept far far away onto the horizon.

I say it’s possible for the earth to have its moon one evening and wake without it the next.

I say it’s possible for the Empath to become the Robot and The Sole Sweeper of Planets–

I say it’s possible not to marry everything on this earth, and even to adore the sight of the scattered humans -gleaming in the distance- who mistakenly thought you would be human too.


(some human being please correct me in this)






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