10 Things that Will Make You Smile

***all images taken from Pixabay**

1) Imagine the fronts of cars are faces

I bet you’ve done this one before– the headlights are the eyes, the bumper’s a mouth or mustache…


2) Touch a building.

Okay, that sounds weird. But really, pick something textured–a striped lamppost or a tree trunk or a brick wall– and brush your hand along it as you pass…I dare you.


3) Wear a piece of clothing incorrectly

Take old socks and turn them into leg/arm-warmers. Wear an old, misshapen skirt as a shirt, cuff your pants, or turn your hat inside out.


4) Take your shoes off under your desk

Long day in the lecture hall or the office? Slyly slide your boots off under the desk and let your toes breathe…


5) Judge people entirely by their shoes

You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes…next time you’re out and about, pay sole attention to people’s shoes. Laces vs. velcro. Runners vs. converse. Worn or new?


6) Sip or pour with your pinkie raised

This one can be done while making eye contact with someone, or for your own private pleasure.


7) Look up ⬆️

When you’re outside, glance at whatever’s above you as you walk. Tops of buildings, litter stuck in trees, shoes hanging off telephone poles…it’s funny how much of the scenery we miss by not looking up.


8) Chop your fruits nicely

There’s nothing so good as a well-arranged fruit platter when you take that extra minute to chop each cube identically and fan out your slices.


9) Read a street magazine

You know, those ones in the boxes on street corners that you see but never read. Pick the arts one, it should be cool.


10) Share 1 thing that will make us smile!



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