3 Tips for Making New Friends!

When you move cities, it can be hard to make new friends. When I was a kid in the school system, making new friends after a move was not too tricky because I was placed immediately into a classroom of 30 other kids my age. I met my best friend the day after my family’s move back to Canada– I sat in the desk beside her and asked

Hi, do you want to be friends?

This primitive friend-making method is brilliant in its simplicity and I wish I could still get away with it. I have yet to try it out as an adult.

I like to think these bad boys are buds

Sometimes even if you haven’t moved locations you can find yourself changing as a person and drifting apart from your old friends. Or you can find your own buddies moving on or becoming toxic influences. What I find the most challenging is finding people who actively seek out adventure and get excited about their own growth as well as my own.

I watched the video “How to Attract Spiritual Friends,” in which Koi Fresco shares his advice on how to attract the kind of friends you want into your life. Koi Fresco is an incredibly humble and self-reflective YouTuber who posts educational videos exploring a wide range of topics in science and spirituality. In this video, he talks about how to attract positive souls as friends into your life as you grow and change.

My favorite advice from Koi on attracting new positive friends:

1.)  Be the person you want to meet

For those familiar with The Law of Attraction, this is pretty straightforward. If you want to meet someone who is outgoing, honest, and loves trying new things, start by embodying these traits within yourself. When you see an ad in the newspaper for a community Paint Night, try giving it a go.

2.)  Go where your ideal friend would be

As Koi says, if you’re looking for friends to support you on your spiritual journey, perhaps try visiting the temple in your new town. Me, I want to meet people who are into travel and music and the outdoors. So I’ve been hanging around hostels and Open Mic Nights and the local park.

In my previous post I mentioned I’ve been reading a lot about Buddhism lately. Some people interested in Buddhism and the body Chakras believe that crystals have health and healing properties. So when I saw a little crystal shop in the new town I’m in, I pushed myself to step inside and take a look. I could see myself making a new friend in that crystal shop.


Of course, when you begin thinking this way, you begin to imagine potential friends everywhere…And you have to remind yourself that this, like all things, takes patience.

I’m still not great at being patient– I want to make a new best friend RIGHT NOW and start hanging out. But here is one last tip I would like to add to Koi’s advice (no patience required):

3) Say yes to everyone and everything

When a new person invites you to something with them, SAY YES! No matter what the activity (within reason). Remember that you want to meet someone who is brave and fun and daring– so be that person. Even if someone invites you to a Latin Dance Night and you’ve never danced, take them up on it and see how it goes. The worst that could happen is that you spend one mediocre night in pursuit of some great new friendships.

Best regards, and remember, I’d love to meet you someday! 

Get yourself out there so I can find you.





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