Walking different directions around a clock

around a clock

How have I escaped death this summer
While I’ve been delighting in clear blue skies and purple wildflowers and crispy cold lakes
And the taste of amber beer and 11o’clock pizzas and the look of short shorts…
You’ve been walking along lantern-lit streets
And talking amongst cafe goers
Who speak of death and their attempts to escape it
And listening late at night as the breeze slips in through the window and your best friend mourns the loss of their baby cousin
And flying alone across the country to soothe our broken grandfather as his wife passes away.

Two people beloved by this family passed away last week and our parents watch as their parents begin to sink into age and watch me knowing I will be gone halfway across the world for goodness knows how long travelling.

You watch this too, but me,
I don’t know where my eyes are!
I can walk these streets still and the leaves bend in the light but no ghosts haunt me
I dont have to watch you leave
And I don’t have to worry for your safety
And I didn’t really have to talk with the dead or those they left behind them.

It seems all a dream and when I think about it the world just goes still for a second
I hold my breath and think what did I do to deserve being spared
How do I deserve this stillness this calm.
Not all is right in this world.


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