Call me Trin. I’m a sociology student based out of Canada, a young woman, a rock climber, and a hopeless idealist. I’m searching to create, stumble across, & share adventure!

When you see me, you’ll know me. I can often be found roaming barefoot along the streets and trails, in search of something. I wish I could express in words the soaring  explosion of colours that my footsteps upon this Earth have been. But as is I’m kind of drifting, building my existence.

I’m young, and I’ve learned that much beauty comes from experience. As I’m cast unceremoniously into the tide of young adulthood, I want to build a lifestyle that allows me to express the full goodness of existence. That involves embracing adventure and growth, looking after the health/happiness of myself and others, pushing my mind and body beyond the boundaries I’d thought existed, and sharing the wonders of life.

You’ll know me, when you see me. If I’m not high in the mountains, I’ll strike you among the crowd. I’ll be the one dressed in colours. Long ago, after 3 years of a childhood spent in Fiji, the first thing I noticed stepping off a plane in New Zealand was how darkly everyone dressed. Everywhere, streets brimming with cafes and bookstores, were people dressed in black. I guess it was “fashion.” But people have a lot to dress colorfully for. I still wear colours every day. I hope I introduce myself when I see you.

I’m a hopeless idealist, but I also consider daily what life was like before civilizations, before the Roman Empire. I look around cities and see forests. How have our bodies and our minds changed since then, and could we even survive if transported back to that environment? Imagine inventing everything again.

I am in awe of how a song or a note can be recorded and replayed. How can sound be transcribed into the digits of cyberspace or stored in the particles of a CD? How can running a needle over vinyl produce not sound, but music? Same with cameras and eyes. Forget darkroom chemistry–how can anything capture an image of the physical realm and display it? How can the human body initiate movement, how can I move my arms and toes freely through space at a whim?

I’m blessed with an idiosyncratic memory that allows me to lead quite a life. Unless I consciously address myself and order myself to remember something, I will not retain it. Except feelings, sensations, or emotions. ‘Selective’ or ‘poor,’ some might say. I will remember how you make me feel. Driving the same route I’ve driven for years or days, I can discover so many new sights. Every place is endlessly interesting, and I love exploring deeper into terrain–old and new. I don’t think this has to be a unique talent.

Not being highly observant, I am not the one you ask to be your front-seat navigator. Or to join team trivia. I wish I could remember all the cool infobits my dad and friends tell me, but I know I’ll delight to hear it again sometime. If something is broken or disassembled, I cannot fix it. If you put a plastic climbing wall in front of me, I can tell you everything.

You Will Read On- a secret message challenge



I love an aura of mystery. My high school “prank” was drawing a 300-square hopscotch down from the front step to the bus stop, incognito. (Using Dollar Store chalk.) I have an extremely strong conscience and moral compass that is pushed rarely, and at my extreme peril.


I think the absolute most exciting thing would be to find a secret message, and I’m a strong believer in adding what you want to see to the world. Mystery is something I think we could use more of. It often gets mistaken for confidence, which is partially true. An harmless act of mystery is an act of confidence in the world as a whole, and everyone in it–including you. An act of giving, smiling to yourself, and needing nothing more.

So if you read this and feel the tug of mystery and delight, hide a secret message somewhere. Here is one I wrote in a time of need–it’s hidden in my home town. If it speaks to you, please help spread it around the world. Print and hide! No rules or obligations–just keep the intent of mystery and kindness in mind, and feel free to add a link to my blog if you wish future finders to see this message. Or create a note of your own! I can’t imagine the joy it would be to find a copy during my world travels. Maybe I’ll find yours…

You Will Read On.PNG

Follow me ‘To All Depths’

Taking charge of my own healing and growth, I’ve been struck by how I will accept feeling some emotions more than others. Negative emotions we may not associate with our personalities, such as anger or jealousy, are bound to be conjured by what life throws at us. And yet I will reject these emotions, rejecting, too, their roots. Sometimes you must accept the negative in order to grow. This even means allowing the growth of your ‘negative’ sides to embrace your full being. Rejecting the bad will only lead to immense identity crisis and stagnation. I’ve learnt that a little angst is okay, and to even appreciate it. Every day I struggle with the depths of my emotions, and find it difficult not to reject parts of myself. But I ask myself if I’d want to end up saying that I’m an 100% good person…and the answer is no. Discover more here.

Perspectives- a disclaimer

Rather, a claimer. Knowing my love for mystery, and my quest To All Depths, this blog is a place for exploration and discovery. The pieces that I write may not be ‘my’ particular opinion — sometimes I won’t have figured out my opinion yet on a topic. So this blog is a place for experimentation — trying on a lense for a topic to challenge the beliefs of myself and others. Likewise, please do comment, discuss, and participate in whatever which way you prefer to respond. I’m always open to connect and expand my world.

Cheers, Trin.

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16 thoughts on “About

  1. “the first thing I noticed stepping off a plane in New Zealand was how darkly everyone dressed. Everywhere, streets brimming with cafes and bookstores, were people dressed in black.”
    We are visual processors. I notice lack of color too and it offends me in some deep way. Automobiles are now black, grey, sliver, white or red. Where are the blues, greens, yellows, browns, all the colors of the rainbows?
    Love your about page!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. How lucky I was to find your blog today through A Opinionated Man. Great title for a blog and I love the sense of adventure that I sense here already. Look forward to exploring more. Cheers from down under.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love your blog title of Hermit Crab now, Trin! Lifelong learning (and growing!) is one of my goals in this journey, and what a grand goal to set. Blogging is fun and it seems to help define and clarify along the way ideals and encourage explorations. May your shell continue to grow.

    Wishing you many adventures in simplicity on the rock, off the rock, on the beach and off the beaten path! Cheers. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much, Melissa! I’m glad to hear from you, and receive your lovely well-wishes. I would definately agree with you that blogging is an incredible part of a journey.
      I was happy to discover Inspiration in Focus, and I love your pictures-drawn and photographed-how fun & inspiring.
      Let’s keep in contact.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So glad you have been inspired here, HermitCrab! I am leaning more towards the sketching side of things these days, but I do love photography also. So agree with keeping in contact!

        Have a fabulous weekend. Cheers!

        Liked by 2 people

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