I am the hero of my own story

Driving alone on the highway for the first time, my worldly possessions in the backseat, I felt a rich wave of courage release within me. Some cap inside me popped, unleashing a sturdy surge of defiance I didn’t know I possessed. And my courage steamed over the ridge between the mental and the physical like the froth of a freshly poured beer, burbling out across the landscape.  … More I am the hero of my own story

An Unsanctioned Coalition: Ankle Diagnosis

Alternate Title: Why my physiotherapist couldn’t get that bone mobilized. It’s funny that after 5 years of constant therapy involving 4 doctors, 12 sprains, 4 Xrays and 2 MRIs, somebody has finally found something that can be deemed “wrong” in my right ankle! Despite all the history my right ankle and I have together, we’ve never … More An Unsanctioned Coalition: Ankle Diagnosis