TFCC Wrist Injury Update

Since my last update in February, I’ve had another PRP injection for my wrist injury. For those of you who are new here, I’ve been rock climbing for 7 years and currently work as a climbing instructor. Last year I injured my wrist while training for competition season and I haven’t been able to climb … More TFCC Wrist Injury Update

I am the hero of my own story

Driving alone on the highway for the first time, my worldly possessions in the backseat, I felt a rich wave of courage release within me. Some cap inside me popped, unleashing a sturdy surge of defiance I didn’t know I possessed. And my courage steamed over the ridge between the mental and the physical like the froth of a freshly poured beer, burbling out across the landscape.  … More I am the hero of my own story

An Unsanctioned Coalition: Ankle Diagnosis

Alternate Title: Why my physiotherapist couldn’t get that bone mobilized. It’s funny that after 5 years of constant therapy involving 4 doctors, 12 sprains, 4 Xrays and 2 MRIs, somebody has finally found something that can be deemed “wrong” in my right ankle! Despite all the history my right ankle and I have together, we’ve never … More An Unsanctioned Coalition: Ankle Diagnosis