4 life upgrades in 2017!

Here are four additions I’m making to my lifestyle for a fulfilling 2017…body, spirit & mind! Most of these are a long time coming and I’m glad to put them into action this new year. 1.) More winter sports snowy walks skating & skiing! reconnecting with nature It’s been too long since I’ve enjoyed the winter through walks in … More 4 life upgrades in 2017!

Bright Christmas

Christmas spread a bright, peaceful blanket all across the city. The bouncy snow and fluffy pines rang with joyful silence that seemed to wash all things heavy from the city. I hope everyone felt this blissful presence. I’m finding it hard to write of Christmas because it seemed to arrive so abruptly. I was simply … More Bright Christmas


I have a question… Do you think anyone’s ever written a mystery novel where the detective solves the case and the criminal is caught, la-dee-da…except the author has hidden subtle clues in the novel that can be used to prove the accused is innocent? So the author wrote the story so the case against the accused … More Mysterious