Walking with a friend, among the stars

It sometimes happens that when you take a walk under the stars, you can instead find yourself among them.

When I walk with you, I am reminded of all those obscure specks from the corners and coves of the globe which somehow unite to illuminate the earth from within. … More Walking with a friend, among the stars


I have a question… Do you think anyone’s ever written a mystery novel where the detective solves the case and the criminal is caught, la-dee-da…except the author has hidden subtle clues in the novel that can be used to prove the accused is innocent? So the author wrote the story so the case against the accused … More Mysterious

If you want a trip

If you want a trip, step out onto the porch for a minute or maybe take an evening walk. If you’re ready, bite your lips and draw a deep hard breath of fresh autumn air. Keep walking. As you walk, the first thing you can notice is the magnificent crackling of the fall leaves under … More If you want a trip