This song-PG. Shocking! Quelle horreur!

This is the 21st century, and we prioritize keeping our children safe. “You know, this is a first world country, and one would think we could really do better. In the First World, we can raise bright, young individuals who have the freedom to express themselves and will eventually grow up to run our country, … More This song-PG. Shocking! Quelle horreur!

A Poem: ‘Now’

Now. I go to the zoo. Hold pages up to the glass, crayons in hand — That’s the elephant. Orange Sandals and I go out the door because I know where I’m going – school. Quick Breaths and I shuffle along the sidewalk, green cellphone clutched in hand, mum’s number rests in quick-dial and I … More A Poem: ‘Now’

Waiting in Vain

So where does climbing come into all of this? It’s funny that 1.) climbing was a major inspiration for my starting this blog, and 2.) I chose to start this when climbing is not in my life. In the Absence For the past six years, I have been rock climbing an average of 9 or 10 … More Waiting in Vain