Privilege and the Minimum Wage Job

To the girls in line behind me at the Starbucks on campus; Thank you for laughing at me when I mistook it for a Second Cup and tried to order a ‘large’ tea with my gift card. I hope you enjoy all 590 calories of kindness in your venti vanilla bean chocolate frappuccino- you deserve … More Privilege and the Minimum Wage Job

Bright Christmas

Christmas spread a bright, peaceful blanket all across the city. The bouncy snow and fluffy pines rang with joyful silence that seemed to wash all things heavy from the city. I hope everyone felt this blissful presence. I’m finding it hard to write of Christmas because it seemed to arrive so abruptly. I was simply … More Bright Christmas

Come Celebrate! How we all affect one another.

Today marks my quarter-anniversary, or third month, of blogging! And the first time I’ve broken the fourth wall to acknowledge all of you out there who have touched bases with me along the way. To be honest, blogging still makes me incredibly uncomfortable. Something about reading those posts where the author acknowledges the lethally addictive stats … More Come Celebrate! How we all affect one another.