Hello/goodbye to my city

So I’ve finished my first year of university and I’m about to head to the mountains for the summer! This will be my first experience living alone (and my first 4 month summer!!) I can’t wait for what’s to come… Today I took a two hour walk around my city, just to soak it all … More Hello/goodbye to my city

Christmas Comes

There’s one certain thing– no matter what happens, Christmas comes. Whether it’s been a good year or a bad one, under either snow or sun, you can count on Christmas to arrive. I hope life has been treating you all well, and the holiday spirit has begun to sweep you off your feet. I myself … More Christmas Comes

Stepping Stones & Shells

Two courageous parents, one spontaneous decision and 10, 770 kilometres later, 6-year-old me found myself growing up in Fiji. I loved the move, the chance to reinvent everything. Truthfully, I find myself constantly falling in love with new environments. Playgrounds, campgrounds, the mountains, a tiny cafe I pass by, a Volkswagen van driving by on … More Stepping Stones & Shells