I am the hero of my own story

Driving alone on the highway for the first time, my worldly possessions in the backseat, I felt a rich wave of courage release within me. Some cap inside me popped, unleashing a sturdy surge of defiance I didn’t know I possessed. And my courage steamed over the ridge between the mental and the physical like the froth of a freshly poured beer, burbling out across the landscape.  … More I am the hero of my own story

I remember!

Today I see the wet brick streets And red lamppost shops Of Montreal I smell the green grass of Vancouver I taste the sweet coconut of that sticky bun You bought me from the supermarket behind the climbing gym And the tang of the blood that encircled my calf as I cried happily at the … More I remember!

Christmas Comes

There’s one certain thing– no matter what happens, Christmas comes. Whether it’s been a good year or a bad one, under either snow or sun, you can count on Christmas to arrive. I hope life has been treating you all well, and the holiday spirit has begun to sweep you off your feet. I myself … More Christmas Comes

9 Wicked Songs I Discovered by Braving Human Interaction

We all have days where you feel like just lying at home in bed all day because venturing outside would be pointless and you know it wouldn’t really do any good. Some days are worse than others. The thought of talking to other people reminds you of the futility of the O2-CO2 gas exchange. But here … More 9 Wicked Songs I Discovered by Braving Human Interaction