Good evening, fellow souls. I realized that today is my first anniversary with WordPress! I finished my final exam of first year university today (well, not quite…it was a 26 page written exam of which I left 3 pages entirely untouched), then headed home to relax before going out with a friend. This year has … More Storytelling

The modern Hercules

The modern Hercules wears his golden mane like a cloak Etched with twelve adventures Twelve Labours under the Sun. He is not sure what the Future holds beyond these.   The modern Heracles does not go by this name, In his lion’s mane nest chickadees; In his bronze palms he cups butterflies, And from his soles spring … More The modern Hercules

The Luddist’s Weapon

The Luddist fights bright screens with a vertical dance. The Luddist discovers a Brave New World of technicolor rocks spread across a wall like fresh butter on rye. Silently, he marks his pilgrimage with chalkprints of calcium carbonate and fresh shoe rubber. Ascending the sharp cookie-cutter column, the Luddist approaches heaven, and glances down to … More The Luddist’s Weapon

To All Depths

Follow me To All Depths, my journey to accept each emotion that makes me a full being. Look out for bi-weekly developments, each grazing a depth of the human experience. What makes some emotions acceptable–allowed to drift with us through the day, analogous or parallel (hence unthreatening) to our identity, while others are rejected with an assured, … More To All Depths