Hello/goodbye to my city

So I’ve finished my first year of university and I’m about to head to the mountains for the summer! This will be my first experience living alone (and my first 4 month summer!!) I can’t wait for what’s to come… Today I took a two hour walk around my city, just to soak it all … More Hello/goodbye to my city


I’m so sick of it all. Here’s the bitter truth of it. I wake up in the morning, roll out of my single bed in the basement and touch my toes to the cold synthetic hardwood. I’ll put on whatever clothes I want to wear for the day, then maybe do some quick makeup. Then … More Seventeen

Not Morro Peak

Shitty shale. That’s what lay, hundreds of metres steep, between the summit of Morro Peak and our pallid figures across the valley. We summited a mountain that day, just not the one we had planned. “The wrong side of the valley “ This is a conundrum that we end up facing on basically every day-trip summit attempt with … More Not Morro Peak