Subtly braless and listening to Sufjan Stevens

And stretching in the sun of her childhood, she decided that everything was going to be okay. The picture of a misty park in New Zealand that her penpal had sent her was on her mind, and she thought about how she was sitting there with the whole upper-floor palace of the large-windowed building on … More Subtly braless and listening to Sufjan Stevens

Bright Christmas

Christmas spread a bright, peaceful blanket all across the city. The bouncy snow and fluffy pines rang with joyful silence that seemed to wash all things heavy from the city. I hope everyone felt this blissful presence. I’m finding it hard to write of Christmas because it seemed to arrive so abruptly. I was simply … More Bright Christmas

The Luddist’s Weapon

The Luddist fights bright screens with a vertical dance. The Luddist discovers a Brave New World of technicolor rocks spread across a wall like fresh butter on rye. Silently, he marks his pilgrimage with chalkprints of calcium carbonate and fresh shoe rubber. Ascending the sharp cookie-cutter column, the Luddist approaches heaven, and glances down to … More The Luddist’s Weapon