Sara the Angsty Turtle

There’s a girl sitting over there. She’s slightly hunched, clutching her stomach and her neck is jutting out at a weird angle.Come to think of it, her portrait looks kinda like a stone turtle, long unmoving neck, heavy head and exposed tummy. She hasn’t had her period in three months but she’s a virgin. It’s … More Sara the Angsty Turtle

The Luddist’s Weapon

The Luddist fights bright screens with a vertical dance. The Luddist discovers a Brave New World of technicolor rocks spread across a wall like fresh butter on rye. Silently, he marks his pilgrimage with chalkprints of calcium carbonate and fresh shoe rubber. Ascending the sharp cookie-cutter column, the Luddist approaches heaven, and glances down to … More The Luddist’s Weapon

Three men

Three men sat on the stage. With a pff the young woman perched on a stool (its cover embroidered in red plaid) blew a wire of hair off the corner of her eye. The men did not move. She stared, nail polish slowly molting, bright red flakes mingling with the yellowed nail chippings on the ground. … More Three men