From climber to coach

My (forced) evolution from climber to coach. Over the past year I’ve gone from climbing 10+ hours a week to coaching from the ground. Climbing was a huge part of growing up for me as a kid, and I’m so happy to be coaching a youth team now and spreading the love. However, it’s been … More From climber to coach

I remember!

Today I see the wet brick streets And red lamppost shops Of Montreal I smell the green grass of Vancouver I taste the sweet coconut of that sticky bun You bought me from the supermarket behind the climbing gym And the tang of the blood that encircled my calf as I cried happily at the … More I remember!

Bright Christmas

Christmas spread a bright, peaceful blanket all across the city. The bouncy snow and fluffy pines rang with joyful silence that seemed to wash all things heavy from the city. I hope everyone felt this blissful presence. I’m finding it hard to write of Christmas because it seemed to arrive so abruptly. I was simply … More Bright Christmas

Not Morro Peak

Shitty shale. That’s what lay, hundreds of metres steep, between the summit of Morro Peak and our pallid figures across the valley. We summited a mountain that day, just not the one we had planned. “The wrong side of the valley “ This is a conundrum that we end up facing on basically every day-trip summit attempt with … More Not Morro Peak

Dreams and the Dinosaur Exhibit: my visit to the ROM

“What other major cities have you been to, Trin?” my friend asked. I remained spellbound at the entrance to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), its large angular windows reflecting light droplets of spring rain in time with the city’s cool breath. “Um, none.” I turned to him and grinned ruefully. “How about you?” I haven’t … More Dreams and the Dinosaur Exhibit: my visit to the ROM