Sara the Angsty Turtle

There’s a girl sitting over there. She’s slightly hunched, clutching her stomach and her neck is jutting out at a weird angle.Come to think of it, her portrait looks kinda like a stone turtle, long unmoving neck, heavy head and exposed tummy. She hasn’t had her period in three months but she’s a virgin. It’s … More Sara the Angsty Turtle

Robot Revenge

I. I did not intend to take my revenge on the world as a robot. When my heart was breaking and all you had to offer was: “I’m a good world. Come on, you know that… I’m a good world” “Don’t you believe me?” With each 0 and 1, each dry tedium of equability The … More Robot Revenge


​I’ve been alone for so long I’m concerned I don’t even remember how to be with people. When my greatest moments are alone Pumping music and love and life into my ears Dancing in my kitchen, knives and onions, carrots and strawberries, happy plastic utensils getting jiggy with me. I walk down the sidewalk, sun … More Invite: APARTMENT PARTY! PAINT MY WALLS WITH YOUR BLOOD.