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Active mind, active body: a soul on a quest. 

Two courageous parents, one spontaneous decision and 10, 770 kilometres later, 6-year-old me found myself growing up in Fiji. Here I spent the most defining 3 years of my childhood roaming through scorching sand. Too young to confront Fiji’s turbulent history of military coups, poverty and petty crime, the islands were a wind-swept sun-kissed paradise to me. It was perhaps my youthful naivety that allowed me to absorb the true heart of Fiji — the boundless friendliness, generosity, energy, and joy in simplicity (the island runs on ‘Fiji Time’).

I spent hours climbing coconut trees and playing with hermit crabs (though I’m not sure the fun was mutual, retrospectively…) I learnt that hermit crabs change their shells throughout their lives as they grow. This strikes me as a wonderful metaphor for the lifestyle that I hope to lead, as I’m tossed unceremoniously into the tide of young adulthood. I hope to grow in my quest for an active lifestyle of adventure, simplicity, and travel. This blog truly follows my journey To All Depths to explore and discover the most fulfilling life I can lead.

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