How to Get Started on a Blog

How to Get Started on a Blog…

Unfortunately that is where that thought ends. I started blogging just three days ago and am still testing the waters. There is a lot to consider: A topic, a target audience, themes & design, learning the layout, getting a following. 

Becoming  part of the blogging community has always interested me, being able to interact with others’ ideas and share my own. However, it’s a fine line I now walk trying to become visible: I like, follow and comment on other blogs that interest me while trying not to seem to desperate, pathetic or self-motivated.

A fine line.

Maybe we’ve all been there. I’m not especially tech-savvy or fluent in the tide of many social networks. But I’d love to work with and feature some amazing people in my writing and get tips on how to expand.

Follow my Facebook page to see where things are headed and please check out my first few blog posts to see if they interest you!

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